MASSAGEPrice for one occasionPrice for 5 occasionsPrice for 10 occasions
Swedish / wellness massage 25min55002612549500
Swedish / wellness massage 55min90004275081000
Swedish / wellness massage 85min1250059375112500
Swedish / wellness massage 110min1650078375148500
Swedish / wellness massage 170min23000109250207000
Medical / healing massage 25min60002850054000
Medical / healing massage 55min100004750090000
Medical / healing massage 85min1350064125121500
Lymphatic massage 85min1500071250135000
Lymphatic massage 110min2000095000180000
Deep tissue massage 55min110005225099000
Deep tissue massage 85min1500071250135000
Manager massage 25min60002850054000
Manager massage 55min100004750090000
Manager massage 85min1350064125121500
Sport massage 25min60002850054000
Sport massage 55min100004750090000
Sport massage 85min1350064125121500
Prenatal massage 25min60002850054000
Prenatal massage 55min100004750090000
Prenatal massage 85min1350064125121500
Relaxing face and head massage 25min60002850054000
Relaxing face and head massage 55min100004750090000
Thai foot massage / reflexology 25min60002850054000
Thai foot massage / reflexology 55min100004750090000
Thai foot massage / reflexology 85min1350064125121500
Thai foot massage / reflexology 110min1800085500162000
Aromatherapy oil massage 55min100004750090000
Aromatherapy oil massage 85min1350064125121500
Aromatherapy oil massage 110min1800085500162000
Aromatherapy oil massage 170min25000118750225000
Body shaping massage 25min65003087558500
Body shaping massage 55min110005225099000
Body shaping massage 85min1500071250135000
Chocolate oil massage 55min100004750090000
Chocolate oil massage 85min1350064125121500
Relaxing honey oil massage 55min100004750090000
Relaxing honey oil massage 85min1350064125121500
Massage therapy with honey 25min70003325063000
Cranial massage therapy 25min60002850054000
Lava stone massage 85min1500071250135000
Lava stone massage 110min1900090250171000
Ayurvedic massage 85min1500071250135000
Ayurvedic massage 110min1900090250171000
Ayurvedic massage with a herb bag 85min1500071250135000
Synchronous massage / four hands massage 55min1800085500162000

BODY TREATMENTSPrice for one occasionPrice for 5 occasionsPrice for 10 occasions
Rejuvenating facials 85min1500071250135000
Body scrub 55min110005225099000
Mud treatment 55min1200057000108000
Mud treatment with a saltbath cure 85min1500071250135000
Shaping aromatherapy body wrap 55min110005225099000
Chocolate rejuvenating body treatment 110min2000000
Bath cure (salt or herb)50002375045000
INFRARED SAUNA1800855014400
BODY FIRMING PACK 110min2000000
BEAUTY PACK 110min1900000
HAMMAM PACK 170min2500000
COUPLES PACKAGE 170min4000000
DOGGY PACK 55min2000000

ALTERNATIVE THERAPIESPrice for one occasionPrice for 5 occasionsPrice for 10 occasions
Personal traininig 85min100004750090000
Yoga therapy - for one person 85min100004750090000
Yoga therapy - for two persons 85min1200057000108000
Yogatherapy for woman 85min100004750090000
Meditation - for one person 25min60002850054000
Meditation - for a group of people (max 10 person) 25min30001425027000
Healing energy treatment (reiki) 55min1200057000108000
Hypnotherapy 140min2000000
Mirror therapy treatment 140min2000000
Life coaching 140min2000000
Crystal- Sound- Colortherapy (for a group of people, max. 10 person) 110min400000
Astrology 140min2000000
Holistic massage therapy 170min26500125875238500
Reflexology (feet massage) 55min100004750090000
Body and Soul harmonizing treatment 85min1500071250135000
TRAINING (one weekend)4500000
SELF-KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOP (seven weekends)28500000